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Diamond watches are luxurious, but they don't need to be gorgeous. Mens diamond watch The watch is just an example of a stylish diamond design, and it is also very simple. Therefore, it is an ideal mens diamond watch choice for those who want a gorgeous and not gorgeous watch. In addition to its elegance, the Mens diamond watch is also made in Switzerland with an automatic movement, a 40 mm round case, a fixed diamond-set bezel and a small seconds hand dial. For men's diamond watches, the rose gold men's diamond watch is one of the best. swiss legendary diamond watch This Swiss-made watch has a black dial, a diamond-set bezel and a unique octagonal 18k rose gold case that is both bold and timeless. For those who like traditional timepieces, Breguet's Classique watches are a great choice. It has an 18k white gold case and a diamond-set bezel, and a simple white dial with classic Arabic numerals. Long before Marilyn Monroe sang "Diamond is the best friend of a woman", men have shown a value for the symbolic meaning of diamond power. In the eyes of men, diamonds are full of strong fortitude, so that in ancient times diamonds became a symbol of men's power in the royal family. Egyptian pharaohs decorated diamonds in all corners of the palace to show their majestic power. In fact, men's diamond watches have always been produced, but in the early 1990s when the mechanical watch slowly recovered, the major brands in order to highlight their own movement technology, but also to Diamond watch reduce the added value on the table, and the decorative part Removed. Go all out to use the complexity of mechanical watches to impress customers returning from the quartz wave. However, with the increasing recognition of mechanical watches by the public, the consumption of watches has become increasingly prosperous, and the aesthetic requirements have continued to increase, and diamond watches have prospered again. As small as a time stamp embellishment, large enough to cover the entire case, diamonds have frequently appeared on men's watches, in addition black diamond watches to preservation and value-added, it is a symbol of identity. Men's diamond watches are more inlaid with diamonds processed by emerald cutting method (commonly known as square diamonds). Although the diamonds do not have round diamonds, the lines are tougher and more noble. “The round diamond has the characteristics of a charming lady, and the diamond is the tough style of the huge commercial giant. Because of the styling rules and symmetry, the diamond selection requirements of the men's diamond watch are more stringent than those of the general jewellery, such as the clarity of the diamond. Therefore, the roundness of the disk surface is very good, and the diamond is set in a flat and tight seam. To select diamonds of the same precision and scale, you can imagine the difficulty of selecting materials. This precision also places high demands on cutting and setting. There are several aspects to be considered when purchasing a men's diamond watch: first, the brand, men will pay more attention to professionalism, so the brand with special or superiority in the high-end jewellery watch will be more favored; second, the mosaic must stand the test of more meticulousness. The details of the observation under the microscope are also well solved. Third, the design is more masculine, shocking and cool.