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Highly Custom Diamond Watches for Men and Women-UK

Custom watches are divided into three categories: 1. Unchanged "core", no deformation; 2. Unchanged "core" can be deformed; 3. "Core" shape free. I believe that the table friends also understand these three types of meaning. custom diamond watchIn fact, the last thing I have to say is that the cost of a private custom watch is very high. It is often much higher than buying a ready-made watch. After all, the meaning of the watch has increased a lot. We currently accept the customized service of this 3 types of watches, welcome friends in need to inquire and order.  1. Unchanged "core", no deformation: refers to the customer's custom batch of watches, simply refers to OEM customization, is customized in large quantities, the customer specifies a certain movement and case shape and other configurations to produce. Only the color of the case and the color of the strap can be changed. At present, there are several small groups mens diamond watch in the UK that specialize in making private custom watches. These small teams composed of watch fans are more and more recognized by the market. Although a bit like the meaning of group customization. But it is undeniable that this custom watch is very popular. Although it is a bit like a small-volume OEM model, the movement, outer casing, strap and dial are all set, but can be engraved and can be highly waterproof and of good quality. 2. The constant "core" can be deformed: when the watch movement Diamond watch is unchanged, the outer casing of any shape can be selected, and the contents of the dial, the color of the Swiss private watchmakers, the price is millions Tens, why? The watchmaker can make any movement you need according to your needs, one in the world. It takes a few years or even ten years to be very common. This is the top customization. Of course, some also choose the existing movement, do not need another made movement, this has become the pursuit of many watch fans. It’s just that there are very few private watchmakers, and there are fewer in the UK, so there are some small teams that make this watch. Our Haute Couture watches fall into this category: 18K gold case (18K gold, 18K rose gold, 18K white gold), you can choose diamond gems, customers can specify the grade of gems and diamonds, the movement is optional swiss legendary diamond watch (as long as the market can buy The movement can be), one order, generally this K gold case is made of a whole piece of K gold with CNC engraving, loss is more than 50% very large, carved, lettering, mosaic , embossing, enamel, and so on can be applied. Of course, this is what petty bourgeois love to do. Why? Swiss gold watches are custom-made for millions, and a gold watch can be customized in the UK only tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Customized one in Switzerland, you can customize dozens of hundreds in the UK, if there is no difference between the movement and the craft. The fool knows the choice, right? ! Of course, there is no need for the richest local tycoon to entangle this little money, and it is not a big deal for the Swiss to spend the money, right! ?