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Thousands of years ago, when the first diamond in human history was unearthed in India, it existed with fabulous legends, religious worship and fear. It is the most beautiful and expensive material and wealth that nature has given to mankind. It is also a symbol of power, class, dignity and courage. It is hung above the throne of the throne, set in the crown, the top of the scepter, the warrior. In the helmet. best diamond replica watches Today, diamonds are no longer so mysterious, and they are not exclusive treasures of the royal family. The world sees it more as a symbol of wealth, beauty, confidence and eternity. Diamonds also make time shine with the light of life, eternity, and stretch to the watchmaking process. Nowadays, diamond inlays have been listed among the three traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques, and they are in the same name as the enamel paintings and the hollow gold sculptures. Therefore, the drill is not just a diamond, but the appearance of its flaws. The whole process first Diamond watch needs to be carefully screened to select the diamonds that are suitable for the clarity and color of the dial, and then cut and polished into the desired shape. Finally, the mosaic master carefully inserts them one by one, which is not only delicate. The mind is more time and energy. Because it incorporates traditional craftsmanship, with delicate techniques and aesthetic design, the diamond inlay not only shows the jewels, but also allows people to experience its hidden craft value. It is they who let time shine the eternal light. The masterpiece of the Cartier watch master and the aviation adventurer's centuries-old masterpiece Santos series is a watch tailor-made for men. Eternity, in a sense, is just a good wish. But in eternity, the excitement is often a flash of instant, but it adds an indelible color to the eternal glory. The wonderful moment can leave a lasting memory, and the moving moment can leave a lasting impression, and time is actually the gathering of countless flash moments. Therefore, we hope that the blessing of "eternal" will be given to the master watchmakers of Cartier and Lèon Hatot, who will make time shine forever. The masterpiece of the Cartier watch master and the aviation adventurer's centuries-old masterpiece gold diamond watches Santos series is a watch tailor-made for men. The slewing movement's original rotatable three-sided dial gently rotates the crown, and the built-in 18K white gold movable prism is activated. With the gears, the dial gradually changes direction and presents three different patterns. The case is encrusted with round diamonds and diamonds and black sapphires on the rotating dial. The movement uses the 9610MC manual winding hollow mechanical movement made by Cartier, containing 140 parts and 21 ruby ​​axes. Is it hard to imagine how the master watchmaker can best diamon replica watches achieve this peculiar idea perfectly! Only 20 pieces were issued, the